Leasing At Cloman Way Apartments

Rental Qualifications And Guidelines

Fair Housing Statement:      

Times Ventures Corporation is a fair housing provider.  We do not discriminate against people on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, physical and mental disability, creed, marital status, public assistance, ancestry, and sexual or affectional orientation.

Application Fee:    

$35.00 per adult applicant or $55.00 per adult out of state applicant.  The Application Fee is non-refundable.  Applications without the full Application Fees and Security Deposits will not be processed.


Typically, 2-4 business days for the application screening process.  A screening service will conduct a background check for criminal history, housing history, credit history, and income /employment verification.

Criminal History:      

Applicants who have a criminal history may be denied.  Felony convictions are grounds for denial.  Misdemeanor convictions may be considered.

Housing History:     

Applicants must have a positive housing history.  Unlawful detainers or evictions are grounds for denial.  A history of the late payments, lease violations, behavior problems, noise complaints, property damage, or improper notice to vacate is reason for denial of the application.

Credit History:       

Poor credit history may be grounds for denial. 


Household income must be equal to 3 times the amount of monthly rent.  Income from all sources must be sufficient to pay rent, living expenses, and debt obligations.  Amounts must be verifiable, reliable, and predictable.  You may be required to provide pay stubs, bank statements, or other proof of income.

Age/ ID:      

Each apartment must have at least one adult (age 18) by the time of move in. Each adult must be screened and must provide a government-issued photo ID. Acceptable ID includes a drivers’ license, passport, and/or state-issued photo identification card, Resident Alien Card or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

Occupancy Limits:      

1 Bedroom: 2 persons
2 Bedroom: 4 persons


Cats are allowed.  Dogs are allowed.  Max. 1 pet per unit.  25 lbs. max. pet weight.  $250 non-refundable pet fee.  $25 pet rent per month.  

 Aquariums less than 25 gallons and properly caged birds are allowed.  Possession of a pet in violation of these policies is grounds for immediate termination of the lease and /or eviction, if necessary.


If you cannot meet the above requirements, your application to rent will not be accepted under our normal lease terms and conditions.  We may accept your application under certain conditions, such as the payment of a larger security deposit, or the support of an acceptable co-signor or guarantor who completes the application process and agrees to take joint responsibility for all conditions of the lease.


If your application is rejected, you will be provided with a written statement stating the reason, accompanied by the return of your security deposit.  Reasons for denial of the application include, but are not limited to: prior eviction, behavior problems, property damage, late payments, insufficient income, NSF checks, poor credit, previous bankruptcy, OFAC global alert listing, noise complaints, improper notice to vacate, suits, liens or judgments, inability to verify residence, criminal history, false or misleading application, problems with owners, management or residents, or posing a risk to others.

Copy of Report:    

You are entitled to a copy of your screening report.  Upon request, you will be provided with the name, address and telephone number of the screening service for purposes of obtaining a copy of your report.

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